The focus of the story is on the oh so adorable little fourteen year old girl, Kotobuki. Sweet and endearing, one day while shopping with friends, Kotobuki notices a unique clothing store across the street from her favorite cafe. What captures her attention the most, isn't the awesome clothing but the man working in the window. Kotobuki falls for him and spends a great amount of her time gazing at him from the cafe while he works. An adorable form of stalking, little does Kotobuki know that this man, Hodaka happens to be the owner of the store and producer of the clothing, hence the name Fashion Boy. Needless to say, one day she actually meets Hodaka and his friends at the cafe. They kid around with Kotobuki and ask whom she would date if she could. She of course chooses Hodaka and lies about being 20years old, Hodaka is 26. Eventually they start seeing each other until one day when Hodaka finds Kotobuki's school id which states her real age, 14. Tragedy ensues and Hodaka is uncomfortable about Kotobuki's true age. Will these two ever get it together and love each other depsite their ages?

Fashion Boy was published under Margaret Comics, a division of Shueisha INC. between the years of 1988-1990.There is no definite confirmation but it is believed that there are between 8-10 volumes and an OVA(based on the first volume of the manga). To see buying information please visit this site, Manga Info. The author has ISBN numbers and links to online places to buy it from.

Layout Idea From +MoonFantasy.Com+
Imaging and Content by +Ceres+

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