Kira and Rei, the heroine and hero of this story are about as star crossed as a pair of lovers can possibly get. A chance meeting between the two leaves one utterly captivated and the other . . . completely stirred. While Kira is a shy budding art student, Rei is her complete opposite, a badass motorcycle-riding playboy. Enter the inconvenience: Harumi, the bully girl who is devoted to Rei but never gets more then a glance her way and Tatsuya, Rei’s best friend who has been in love with Kira since middle school. But luckily for the two, their destinies become intertwined when Kira speaks out and asks Rei to model for her and, to everyone’s surprise as well as her own, he agrees. As these two begin the perilous journey of love, they battle through various complications from personal demons to dangerously obsessive acquaintances to overbearing guardians they strive to love not only each other but themselves. I recommend it to anyone that still believes in the power of love in all its follies and delights.
The series MARS was originally written and drawn by the talented Fuyumi Soryo and first published in 1996 by +Kodansha Ltd.+. The series was then picked up by +TOKYO POP+, a division of Mixx Entertainment Inc. and first published in the U.S. in March of 2002. Currently, the eighth book is the most recent with the next book expected sometime late February/early March. Please Support This Series and Pester Your Local Book Store To Stock It!! ^.-

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