FairyTale Fancy is another section of Captured... Shoujo Manga Shrine. This greenanated page is dedicated to the charming manga, Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear, or New Legend Snow White Pretear(Prettier) by Kaori Naruse. To navigate, use the stars below.^.^

Update: 02.21.03

I declare greenanated a word! ^.^ I changed the layout completely and went with greens instead of the previous magentas. I just figured that since this is a new take on the legend of Snow White that gree... Oh crap! I shouldn't have said that cause that's what you are going to find out lat... ohhhhh lanky lizards! -.- I picked greens because I LIKE THEM. Also, this section is completely finished. ^____^

Layout Idea From +MoonFantasy.Com+
Imaging and Content by +Ceres+

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