Pretear may seem like your normal everyday typical shoujo/magical girl manga - The main heroine is gorgeous and must save the world while fighting alongside seven other warriors and of course she develops a relationship with one of them- however, Pretear brings much more to the genre then any SailorMoon clone could ever hope to contain. It's a new take on the classic story of Snow White with a few other fairy tale elements added. The tale begins with Himeno Awayuki, a normal everyday girl whom one day meets a mysterious young man whom turns her life upside down. As Himeno encounters each of the 7 Leafe Knights (equivalent of the Seven Dwarfs), she learns little lessons while saving the world and a broken heart.

Pretear was published in Asuka Magazine and in four separate manga by Asuka Comics. Originally, Pretear made it's home in Asuka Fantasy, but soon moved to the main Asuka magazine. The story is roughly divided into two main story arcs; the first is covered in the initial two volumes and is what the anime series is based on. The second arc is covered in the last two volumes and is quite different from the anime series, expanding more on the characters and how they deal with things.The anime consists fo thirteen episodes loosely based on the first story arc. I haven't heard of any possibility of an English Publication but if you hear anything, please let +me+ know. ^.^

Layout Idea From +MoonFantasy.Com+
Imaging and Content by +Ceres+

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