Here is the new improved Captured... Shoujo Manga Shrine. As faithful viewers will notice, the setup for the site is completely different. It's not only home to the Shoujo Manga shrine but to other shrines as well. This part is just like the same old Captured... but with an updated look. heheh I love the SailorMoon image. ^.^ but otherwise, it's the same old content, it just looks a bit spiffed up. You can still find shrines to MARS, Clover, Fashion Boy is Cool, Paradise Kiss and Pretear. If there is a shoujo manga that you would like to see featured here, e-mail {+}Ceres and just let me know which manga it is. I'm sure we can work something out. Enjoy!!

Ceres, webmistress extraordinaire

*Image copyrighted to Naoko Takeuchi. I do not own the image I just edited it to it's present state. Ain't it purdy?*
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