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Trade Log for Lunar Eclipse

Oct/26: recieved darkury16, makato20 and one mars symbol from trivia game, and an additional mars symbol from game section

Oct/24: recieved prismpower01(freebie) puzzleA-0&myuu01(pickables), jupiter20, act01-10, act05-19, jupiterpower09 from games

Oct/22: starter pack (chisaki13, lunapower08, myuu03, myuu15, naru14, venuspower03 and mercury symbol)

Oct/18: recieved darkury08(freebie), fate04, fate17, jupiter02, jupiter13, jupiter17, naru01, mercury symbol from games

Trade Log for Pretty Guardian

Dec/10: recieved mew003, courage015, tree004, tree005, and pink gem from advent freebie.
Dec/07: recieved jadeite006, heal008, mew002, ayaka005, rina015, fire017 for six blue gems(trade in)
Dec/05: recieved fire010, red gem and shibue011 from games. mew105, tree015, tree002, and tree003 from advent freebie
Nov/29: recieved tree009, mist004, shibue014, ayaka008, courage003, tree020, keiko004, and one blue gem from games. one blue gem from hidden links. love008, beryl002 and one blue gem as freebies.

Nov/15: traded ayaka004 for Miki's mew007.

Nov/14: cyclone004 and luna019 for leveling up. LVL 2 now ^__^

Nov/13: heal008, kunzite007, mew014, passion004, wisdom013, and one green gem from games, one red gem from hidden link.

Nov/9: passion014 from pick a card

Oct/30: fire020, kirari002, cyclone002, kunzite003, protector018, blue gem and two reds from games

Oct/27: akuryou010 and chisaki001 from pick a card.

Oct/22: tree001 as a freebie for replying to e-mail

Oct/20: recieved ayaka004, kunzite020, love007, passion011, wisdom005 and blue gem from games

Oct/19: starter pack (beryl010, chisaki016, luna006, nephrite012, tree016, tree018)

Trade Log for Ocean of Cards

Nov/29: recieved oblivion09, thief06 and apostle18 from games.

Nov/15: recieved starter pack(Light05, Light11, Light18, Demon06, Badluck19, and Hero03)

Nov/14: recieved Demon25, Domination04, and Layou04 in games

Trade Log for Divinitas

12/02: recieved penquin12, penguin14, tree14, lilies11, kitten19,monarch17 and waterfalls05 (from scrambled game), poppies04, seashell09 and turquoise12 (from distorted), penquin05 seashell 05, and snowdrops05 ( from feeding polly) mountain11 and mountain14 from hidden link. 18 and 19 horse from photo disaster, fire05 as a freebie, clownfish04, snowdrops07,penguins10 and one emerald gem from what card. also, clownfish04 from claim a card.

11/18: recieved starter pack (tropical14, puppies02, purple01, penguin02, penguin08, ruby20, and iris17.

Trade Log for Glamour

12/05: recieved circus09 and deus04 from scrambled game
12/02: recieved mystery18 and zion19 from games
11/24: recieved starter pack (alchemy20, hina18, leafe04, nerv05, robot14, and senshi08)